Your University?

Trinity University Dublin

Your Qualification?

Chartered Accountant

Year of Graduation?


Are you a Final Year Student or a Graduate?


Name of the Company you work for?

RFL Steels Ltd

Your Job Title?

Business Development & Finance

Best Summer job or Internship you had as a Student?

Bartending in New York

Best City you have visited?

Antigua, Guatemala or Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Book you have read?

Game of Thrones or Tools of Titans (Tim Feriss)

Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself.

Once fought Joey Barton’s (infamous footballer) brother in a charity boxing match in Newcastle & won by TKO. Also spent a year traveling Central & South America

Do you satisfy one of the following 3 criteria to become a member of IGN: 1) Irish Passport Holder; 2) Sat the Leaving Certificate Exam; or 3) Irish Parents or Grandparents?