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We're delighted to report that two of the founders of the Irish Graduates Network - Aimee Louise Carton and Charlie Butler - were featured in today's Sunday Independent's 30 under 30: The best and brightest of Ireland's rising business stars.   

Aimée-Louise Carton turned her own experience of mental illness into the driver behind her business. Alongside her friend, Will Ben Sims, the pair created KeepAppy, an app that offers a practical and data-driven approach to users’ mental health, helping them access 10 psychologist-approved features. The beta version of the app has been downloaded in 62 countries, with the standard subscription model for its users set at €9.99 a month, €59.99 a year and €199.99 for life. It is set to go live in January. Carton, who is the ninth generation of the family which formed chicken processor Manor Farm, said she is enjoying being an entrepreneur in Ireland. “It’s fascinating to be in the startup ecosystem in particular,” she said. “The energy and enthusiasm bursting from everyone here has been incredible.”

Bounce Insights is a consumer insights platform created by a group of Trinity College students that is aimed at making it easier for companies to get accurate and accessible consumer feedback.

Co-founder Charlie Butler takes care of everything from operations to sales and said he and fellow co-founder, Brian O’Mahony, were desperate to set up their own company.

After some intensive work, Bounce was born. “I think it was Reid Hoffman who said that attempting to build a startup is like running off a cliff with the tools to build a plane, hoping that you pull it all together before crashing to your imminent death. He’s not too far off, particularly when you pull together a team of five college students with no budget, a disruptive idea and an industry that hasn’t really changed for decades,” says Butler.

Ultimately, he said the idea is to disrupt the market research industry: “We believe it is on the cusp of serious innovation and change, the likes of which are [only] being seen in the US at the moment.”

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